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Word custom document properties and PDF conversion

Do you support in the Word to PDF conversion that the custom properties in the Word file get transferred to PDF as (custom) metadata??


Could you please share more details on this scenario (which custom properties more specifically?).

MS Word documents in SharePoint Online Libraries do have metadata. This metadata is stored also as custom document properties in the Word file. When I download this Word file to my local PC and open it with Word, I can view the added document properties with File>Info “Show All Properties” and I cabn use these properties in the document with Word>Insert>Quick Parts>Document Property.
When using File>Print As Adobe PDF or File>Export>Create PDF/XPS the standard properties are carried over to the PDF document as metadata but NOT the added document properties.
Do your conversion to PDF software support all document properties?


Thank you for the details. We are investigating this scenario with ticket ID CONVERSIONAPP-269. You’ll be notified in case of any update.