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Viewer issue - index was outside the bounds of the array. 2021-08-09t18:51:32.851z by abhishekdplacid

8bec7ee5-6e9c-4fb1-8981-f2d377e64708/ANE IV V VI.xlsx.xlsx

Originated From: https://api.groupdocs.app/viewer/v1/viewer/loadDocumentDescription
User URL: https://products.groupdocs.app/viewer/view?file=8bec7ee5-6e9c-4fb1-8981-f2d377e64708/ANE%20IV%20V%20VI.xlsx.xlsx
Exception: Index was outside the bounds of the array.

abhishekdplacid-8bec7ee5-6e9c-4fb1-8981-f2d377e64708.zip (127 KB)

The provided file is blank. Please try the web app again with a valid XLSX.