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There is a problem with PowerPoint merge

This seems to be a similar question to the one above.

attach the photo.
Share images with friends without membership registration.

This is not a specific file issue.
Even if I create a new random pptx file and merge it again.

This is a matter of aspect ratio, not the picture being cropped.

  1. After executing the merge program
  2. Click the [Design] tab in PowerPoint
  3. Click [Slide Size] on the right
  4. The aspect ratio is changed to 4:3
    So it is fortunate that if I change it to 16:9, it becomes normal.
    If you fix the system settings for the part that changes like this, I think it would be perfect.

I am using Office 2019 version.

Please forgive me if the sentence is awkward using a translator.
Thank you for your continued support.

  • in korea

After posting the article and looking at the program, the aspect ratio is not the only issue.
Where and how do I send the offending file?
Files should be sent privately.


Please share the problematic files in a private message.

This issue is under investigation with ticket ID MERGERAPP-175.