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svg to xps is not working today


Thank you for highlighting the SVG to XPS conversion app, we will look into it to make it more stable and proper.

Once it is improved then we will share the update here, thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Thank you.

I’m also having a problem converting .svg to .xps files. It says the file was converted but when I click download it just goes to another webpage that is blank other than the words Document Download.


Thank you for contacting us, we will look into this issue and once issue is resolved we will notify you here.

However we are in a process of updating the apps for more stable and performance efficient apps and hopefully by the end of this week latest apps will be available and we will notify you here as well.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

@ccagle & @hmillick

We have updated & improved the conversion app, please try now for better results.

Thank you