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Signature pad for GroupDocs.Signature

Is there any difference in what kind of signature pad we will use for GroupDocs.Signature?


Could you please tell if you are evaluating our .NET or Java stand-alone API. Or just the Web application? We’ll then assist you accordingly.

Thank you for your response, we are going to use the Web Application.


There are a lot of signature pads with their own implementation. It depends on the exact model. If the pad device allows to browse web, then yes, you can add signatures using that.
In most cases, these devices/pads convert the signature (written by pen) to image. So, could you please mention the device that you are expecting to use?

I haven’t a device yet, I want to know the easy-going device,and buy it.


There are two possibilities:

  • If you get a device that allows to browse web then this web application could be used
  • Otherwise, you can use our stand-alone or Cloud API to manipulate documents. You can get a cloud service signature pad/device that allows to obtain image and this image could be passed to our Signature API. In other words, there must be a development layer to bring the image into our Signature API

Thank you very much! For quick and clear responses!

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You’re welcome.