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Selecting text for e.g. underline

I am testing the annotation tool on https://products.groupdocs.app/annotation with a standard PDF file containing text and images. When using annotation methods like ‘underline’ or ‘highlight’, I expect to select portions of text, but a rectangle is drawn and no underline or highlight is applied.
What am I doing wrong?

@schlueter, thanks for your request.

Does it work on another document, or the problem is document specific ?

The reason could be that text on your PDF document is not a text but an image. Looks like it is a your document specific. If you would share your document we’ll check that assumption.

Thank you for your quick response.

The PDF definitely contains text. Please have a look at


and the original file I attach to this post.

dummy_03.pdf (38.5 KB)


We cannot reproduce this issue at our end. Please have a look at this screenshot.PNG.jpg (402.9 KB). We can successfully add text underline and highlight annotation. Please have a look at this output file - . Could you please try the web app again? Let us know if issue persists.
screenshot.PNG.jpg (403 KB)
dummy_03 (1).pdf (52.2 KB)

I am sorry, but it still does not work here. I made a small screen capture video to demonstrate the whole process, but uploading the .mov file is not allowed.

Working with strikout, underline and highlight always results in something like this: image.jpg (270.2 KB). This behaviour is consistant with different browsers on different operating systems and at least three different PDF files. Maybe it has to do with my specific account?

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Please compress the video to .zip and share again. If there’s any file size issue, you can upload the zip to some cloud storage (e.g. google drive) and share link here. We’ll then look into this issue.

Please download the compressed video from http://indipro.de/annotation.mov.zip


Once you add these annotations (like you added in the video), you have to go to the file tab and press save icon. Then press download annotated file and the resultant document will reflect the changes/annotations you added in the application.
Have a look at this output - dummy_03 (1).pdf (56.2 KB).

The document you provided as resulting output is not what i expect when using those annotation tools.
I have an existing web app working with an older version of groupdocs and when calling the ‘embedded annotation’ tool (https://apps.groupdocs.com/document-annotation2/…) underlining and striking out text results in something like this
image.jpg (303.5 KB)
instantly, without any document saving.
How can I achieve similar results in the current annotation tool?


We are investigating this scenario. Your investigation ticket ID is ANNOTATIONAPP-102.


We investigated this scenario. But, unfortunately the new annotation web application doesn’t support any other way to annotate a document besides clicking Save button.

Thank you for answering.

If this is fact it seems to be a step backwards imho. Not only due to the need to click save, but also looking at the presentation of the annotations: older version underlines text per character as selected, newer only with a ‘box’ with a bottom border… really?

comparison-new-old.jpg (212.7 KB)

Just to have it clear: Must I assume that the annotations using the API results in the same poor presentation?


The results/annotations get better if you press the save button. I am afraid but it works like this.