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RE. My search results are not showing from within the HTML file

Hi I am currently trying to search within my HTML files that I downloaded from the internet archive wayback machine and while I did my first search phrase but there is one bug that needs to be fixed and it would help improve groupdocs web search application for searching within downloaded websites from the internet or web archive so this problem that I had facing with was that after when I enter search the number of results did show but the image content from within the results were not showing and the other problem with showing image and other metadata content is broken images they are also a big deal with showing content from within downloaded websites either from the internet or from the web archive so these broken images needed to be fixed and show the original picture from within the image and for the search results they needed to be shown after when you do search criteria within HTML files And this was currently using my Chromebook.


Please share a problematic file and the search phrase.

Well as of right now most of my HTML files that I had made are not shared via through free support but instead of that can you please notify me about improving groupdocs web search app to make it a bit more newer with a bit of a brand new layout like what you had did with groupdocs HTML viewer app I would appreciate if you could make groupdocs web search app a bit newer with a newer layout for groupdocs web search application so that once when its updated I will then begin doing my searching on my HTML files that I have currently in my google drive app on my Chromebook laptop only if you could update the search layout and not show broken images for groupdocs web search app for groupdocs search app family please that would be great for me and other users that use groupdocs web search app and groupdocs search api family to get a glimpse of what the newer look of groupdocs web search would look like in the future.

Can you also improve the files that are searched within HTML files please so I want numbers of search results going from one million to over a thousand results from base within that HTML files please and the higher number of search results the better that groupdocs HTML web search can dig deeper into the HTML file or more.


We actually need a source file and steps to reproduce the issue at our end. We would recommend you to please upload source file here (firstly compress it in a ZIP format) and also share a short video/screencast of showing steps to reproduce the issue.
We can then further look into this matter.

How do I share my source file to you before you could reproduce this file that I have?

I had tried sharing it through google drive and I also I confirmed that your file uploader to your free support forums is not accepting my source zip file.


Please upload source file to a cloud storage (e.g. Google drive) and share link here.


Please share a problematic HTML, you shared a TXT file instead.

OK sorry for the mistake that I had sent to you asking that it was a text file but anyway here is the file like what you just asked an HTML file.


Please also share this video as well.

Well for right now I have to might say that I can’t share a short video on my resume for but now that you now have the HTML file you can now start to reproduce the steps about making the search results of files and metadata for your web search app and the results needed to be tremendous from one billion to thousands of files that the web search app could dig deeper into within the HTML file or more than small amounts of searched files that are within the HTML file and also please remember to be very helpful to fix the broken images that show the original pictures when searched please.


Please share the exact GroupDocs web app URL that you are using and what phrase or text you are trying to search in the HTML file?

OK the search phrase that that I was doing for groupdocs web search app is kids foam chair kijiji Ontario.

We have opened the following new ticket(s) in our internal issue tracking system and will deliver their fixes according to the terms mentioned in Free Support Policies.

Issue ID(s): SEARCHAPP-65


The problem is that not every HTML file can be indexed and searched.
So, if the HTML file does not contain text content, but only the JS code for execution by the browser, then nothing will be indexed, because the GroupDocs.Search engine does not execute the JS code.
The GroupDocs.Search engine also does not load content, images, CSS, etc. from links within an HTML document.

Please let me know in the comments below.

Speaking about executing a js code from within HTML files can you might see if you could allow groupdocs search to execute js code from within HTML CSS and zip files and links that are within HTML files please without showing any broken images please. That would be very helpful for other users to do a search within the entire HTML files instead just searching for text from within HTML files.


The application currently does not offer support for this. However, we have registered a feature request for it. We will investigate this scenario, and its feasibility will be determined in due course. You can reference the assigned ticket ID: SEARCHAPP-66 for any updates on this matter.