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Questions on your RTF Editor

We need a robust RTF web editor. Our clients submit RTF docs to us. Currently we use Google JAVA API to convert RTF to Google doc. After modifications, we convert the Google Doc to PDF for filing. The problem is that the Google API can be quite slow sometimes. We are looking for a standalone solution. I just uploaded a doc to your site. The preview was not as good as Google Doc but the converted PDF looked good. I have two questions: 1. Is your widget robust enough to handle very complicated RTF (tables, multiple level indentations, bullets, etc)? 2. How do you handle pagination in HTML? I did not see the pagination on the preview but the converted PDF had the pagination right.
Thank you!

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Please note that this web application is developed on top of GroupDocs.Editor for .NET API.

Yes, we’d encourage you to go ahead and do some testing on the web app.

At the moment, in the document editor the WordProcessing content is present in a page-less mode, where all pages are like combined into one single page.
Currently, we’re working on the new editor, which main feature will be a paginal mode. When it will be ready, it will replace the existing solution and you’ll be notified. However, we cannot share any ETA at the moment. Your investigation ticket ID is EDITORAPP-99.

Could you please share the problematic file? We’ll then further look into this scenario.
You can get source code for this web application here. In case of any back-end API related queries, please fee free to post here.

Thank you for your response!
I saw Aspose editor, which has nice pagination. Is it related to groupdocs? We are not using .NET. I know you have some back-end sample codes in Java. I am wondering if you have sample codes that connect frond end (jsp, html) to the backend (Java).

Could you please share the app link? We’ll then assist you accordingly.