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Print raw data conversion

we’re evaluating your solution with the aim to convert raw data from print jobs to readable file formats. We’ve tried the GroupDocs.Conversion trial to see what formats you already support, however it seems that certain vendor-specific print job formats are not supported:

  • QPDL
  • BJL
  • PS (postscript) — here we’ve tried several samples and while the majority seemed to work, one looks not supported.

Sample files of these formats are available here: printer (721.0 KB)

We’ve tested PCLXL and (O)XPS formats, along with the majority of postscript samples, and found them compatible with your Conversion product, which is great news. At this point, I’d be curious to know whether there are plans to add the above mentioned unsupported formats to your product in the future, or whether these are unsupported on purpose and will remain so.

Thank you in advance.

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