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Pdf to csv

I am just curious, I have a 7-page pdf that I need to convert to CSV so I can sort it. The application is only giving me the first page in the csv. Am I doing something wrong?



Could you please share the PDF file? And we assume you are using this application for conversion purpose.

Yes I am using the conversion application pdf to csv. I wanted to be able to have all the information on one sheet. When I use xls/xlsx, it gives me several pages where I have to compile them all on another sheet to reorder them the way I want. I think I am doing something wrong because I get only one page when I want to covert to csv. Thanks. The report attached is confidential please be sensitive to the material. I liked your site because things are deleted in 24 hours.Sales Journal 11.30.2020 (2).pdf (79.8 KB)
Thanks again.

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Using this application, we are getting Cannot convert. The file is corrupt or damaged. this exception. However, we are investigating it at our end with ticket ID CONVERSIONAPP-225. You’ll be notified as there’s any update.

I must have sent you the wrong file. I apologize. Let me try again.

Sales Journal 11.30.2020.pdf (79.3 KB)

Try this one. I just tried it and I didn’t get an error.


This issue is also under investigation with ticket ID CONVERSIONAPP-227.