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I Want to Convert My MBOX to PDF

It keeps crashing before anything happens. Is it because my MBOX file is too large?

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https://downloads.groupdocs.app/total/windows for windows 21.6
Would you like a better link and also a sceenshot of my issues during converting?


Yes, please share the screenshot, steps to reproduce the issue and the problematic MBOX file.

I will attempt to send sufficient information.

1st screenshot: I have downloaded groupdocs app, and this is what it looks like (version 21.6 if I’m correct). I am using the Conversion one.
2022-03-15 (6).png (239.2 KB)

2nd Screenshot: I have set it up to convert my mbox file. My file is Copy of Sent.mbox. If you need more information on this let me know.
2022-03-15 (3).png (131.6 KB)

3rd Screenshot: This is what it looks like when I hit Convert button. The blue bar automatically loads like that. It looks like it is progressing, but in reality it never does.
2022-03-15 (5).png (136.4 KB)

I hope this is enough helpful information. If I can provide more, I will try.

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Please share the problematic MBOX file as well.

Would you like me to share it as an accessible file so you can open it? If so I’d prefer not to post it here but rather in my gmail for privacy. Also while I did try to send it that way I had server issues so I may send it through another inbox if that is possible. Let me know if you would like the shareable file.


You can send the file in a private message. However, you may have to compress it to a ZIP format before uploading.

I just had an idea to solve my problem. So far it seems to be working out. I’m going to finish my task in the morning, but as of right now if you like you don’t have to worry about my mbox. If all works out I may not need your assistance. Still, just in case it’s great to have you on standby. I’ll let you know if I can get it ironed out. Again, so far it’s going well. Thank you for your help so far!

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Alright. Let us know in case of any issue.