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How to delete a file uploaded without account (https://products.groupdocs.app/password-protect/)


Before creating my GroupDocs / Containerize account, I used the Password Protect service
and uploaded a document, which I’d like to delete and can’t find a way how to.

The doc can be found in a link starting like this
https://lisbon-groupdocs-app-staging.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/Output/de053c32-842d-4185-b363-a83010e514ca/protected.pdf? (…)

The platform clearly states
“While we automatically remove your files from our servers we also enable you to remove the files manually.”

Any instructions, then, on how to “remove the files manually”?

Thank you in advance,

  • Micke


We are investigating this scenario. You’ll be notified once there’s an update.

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The files have been deleted.

To remove files manually check your browsing history and open a page where you’ve protected your file and click “Delete files” - delete-source-and-protected-files.jpg (160.2 KB).

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Thanks @atir.tahir


You are welcome.

Thanks @vladimir.litvinchik ! I adapted the link visible on the image to my document’s url info, and while it seemed not to to already deleted (I could still download it and also access it via the link shown below), it does look like I was then indeed able to retrieve that download page and delete the file, yes. Cheers!

Link mentioned:


Thank you for the feedback. Let us know in case of any issues and we’ll try to assist.