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Docx to pdf - result looks different

we have a problem converting a docx to pdf as the result pdf looks different as the source docx. Support needed for that please.
sourcefile, resultfile, screenshots with differences are attached.

Call: error.png (5.0 KB)
Input: TEST_FILE_NOK_NEW.docx (114.9 KB)
Output (wrong converted): document_after_convertion.pdf (119.1 KB)
base64 string file: decodiert_NOK_NEW.zip (110.1 KB)
screenshots source and converted: screenshot-original-file.png (19.5 KB)
screenshot-converted-file.png (49.3 KB)
thank you and best regards,

Could you please share the sample code or the code screenshot again? We cannot clearly see the above screenshot.
Also, please share the API version that you are using and the development platform (e.g. Java or .NET).

this should be a better resolution:
error.png (39.2 KB)

we are using API Version 21.1 with Java 8

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