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Converting large files to images


Background :

Our use case is to convert all supported file types to images (JPG) and show in the client (browser). However, from our internal testing we see that converting about 200 pages from a PDF file to generate 200 JPG images takes roughly 2 minutes in a Win 2016 server by the GroupDocs.Viewer library.
Obviously after clicking on a document for viewing, if the user has to wait for a couple of minutes for it to be rendered then it is a poor user experience. To get around this problem, we were thinking to convert the first ten pages of the document synchronously and the remaining pages in a background thread in the backend. However, for the frontend to display the file contents we need some placeholder (like thumbnails) images for each page.

Questions :

  1. Is there any way of generating thumbnails in GroupDocs.Viewer (possibly just a page number) ?
  2. What is the most common (/recommended) way users convert large files (> 100MB) to images?

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