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Conversion of PPTX preserving animation and media


I am evaluating Groupdocs as a potential solution for a use case that I need to solve.Have a multi media heavy pptx with transitions in a single slide and some embedded media like video which I would like my users to view at high fidelity.
Exporting it as a HTML package via Keynote or MS PPT gives a self contained package which can be hosted on a webserver and served.Does the Conversion App provide any kind of ability to achieve this via the Cloud API?
Tried the evaluation versions at https://products.groupdocs.app/conversion/total but it did not pass the initial tests.
I have also evaluated the Viewer family which also drops this fidelity while viewing the pptx online.

Any sort of help is appreciated as I am in the process of evaluating tools which provide this functionality - paid licenses are an eventuality if the above mentioned problem statements are solvable.



Please share following details and we’ll look into this scenario:

  • What is your development platform preference (.NET, Java, PHP)
  • Do you want a Cloud API or Stand-alone
  • Sample Presentation file

Did you face any exception or error? Could you please share that?

1.Not particularly fixated on the development platform…we can use any platform which supports the maximum fidelity.
2.Standalone library which can be packaged into our deployment pipeline will be preferred.
3.Sharing a sample ppt.The pptx in the view mode has got transitions which seem to be lost in the viewer as well as the cloud converter,
transition-demo.zip (311.5 KB)

Also no exception encountered.the media and transitions are silently dropped


Please take a look at this HTML output.zip (37.0 KB) . Let us know if it has the expected results.

expected-output-480.mov.zip (648.3 KB)
This is the same behavior that I had encountered via the Cloud API.Attaching a video of how the expected output should be.This is exported to HTML from Keynote and is scaled down to 480p to allow uploads.


We are investigating this scenario. Your investigation ticket ID is CONVERSIONAPP-445.