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Cannot convert vsd and vsdx documents to pdf

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Upload vsd or vsdx document to GroupDocs Conversion demo
  2. Select expected type pdf and convert

Expected result:
Documents converted successfully

Actual result:
Endless spinner and exception in thrown in console

Here you can find file examples:


We are investigating the issue. Your investigation ID is CONVERSIONAPP-419 .

The issue has been resolved.
Best regards.


I still cannot convert vsd file to pdf on groupDocs demo
image.png (45.2 KB)


Please share the problematic file. We can successfully convert the files (you shared earlier) to PDF.

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It still reproduces with the first file in this folder https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DwDXGUrcQwL_TzGsNTTglpRXksStcaxv?usp=sharing

I cannot attach .vsd file to the message.

sample.zip (28.5 KB)
Hi @Atir_Tahir, please find the file attached.

@YuliaF @dborisovich

We are further investigating this issue. Your investigation ticket ID is CONVERSIONAPP-443.