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About GroupDocs Viewer can not show Chinese Character in PDF/Office file

Hi, We are estimating GroupDocs Viewer, and it fit our requirement, but we found GroupDocs Viewer can not show Chinese Characters in PDF file , can i know which language are supported? and including chinese?


Can you please share the file you’re trying to View and we’ll take a look?

Pls find above link


Thank you for adding your file. We have found that the issue is related to the missing Chinese fonts. As soon as the updated version of the Viewer app will be published we’ll let you know.


We have added Chinese fonts, please try opening your file one more time.

Thank you very much! I tried again, but i can not upload file. The page throw error message as following: : ’ We can’t open your file right now. Please try uploading it again. If it still doesn’t work, please contact our support team and we’ll try to help you.’


The application was down due to infrastructure issues on our side, now it’s fixed. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

The mentioned issue have been fixed, Thank you very much!


You’re welcome!

Hi vladimir, May I know the GroupDocs.Viewer-for-Java only provide server site integration/API? and Do our development team needs to build the viewer in web page? and i downloaded the sample from URL https://github.com/groupdocs-viewer/GroupDocs.Viewer-for-Java. and Found the sample only output html file. May i know how can we start in the programming integration level? We hope to build the web app like ‘https://products.groupdocs.app/viewer/app?lang=en&file=8bdf945f-b162-42a9-9275-ace1c70942c8/00020IDENT2023.tiff


To get started you can use one of our demo projects. You can configure which mode (html or image) you want to work with. Let’s take Dropwizard Demo where you can set htmlMode: false to run the app in image mode. The condition if (viewerConfiguration.isHtmlMode()) is used to instantiate corresponding services.

In case you would have any other questions about GroupDocs.Viewer for Java please create a new forum thread at https://forum.groupdocs.com/c/viewer/9.