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A new search engine that requires to put in a general keyword for only searching within web or html files

So unlike the other search engines that uses groupdocs search including the reverse image search engine that you are currently working on and fixing so there is a search engine that requires drap and upload an html file and using a simple single search bar that allows you to put in general keyword into the search bar and the search page so unlike the search page the shows the search results and content that bing and other search engine owns so my idea for the search results page so the layout for the new groupdocs search family so the layout would look like what search engine companies has but owned by groupdocs and powered by groupdocs search api and only accepts html files and full zipped html files that you can upload search and browse within your html files for free with a full live demo as a free 100% tool for the internet and paid with the full software for free.


Are you looking for our free web app solution or the back-end API to implement in your own .NET or Java application?

No but I am looking for a way to search and navigate through hidden pages and images and other content and find historical past deleted content from within html files.

So its a free live demo that will help me get access to this content from within html files.

And this tool will have a fully customizable filter search settings page so you can find content either its a webpage or webpage content images videos books pdfs or other web content that you find within a html files.

And it needs to work for both past and current live html files or current html files and full zipped html files.

And this tool and free live demo would be suitable for other users to find lost or recovered content from within html files.

For Free.

GroupDocs.Search doesn’t support searching lost content.

Our Search API supports these search operations only.